Why Choose Sanya Sleep - Sanya Sleep

Sanya Sleep Mattresses are made in America using only the finest American made materials. At Sanya Sleep we incorporate the latest in high quality, high performance foams, including Copper infused memory foam, Gel infused memory, Slow recovery memory and Energex foams. All Sanya Sleep mattresses are Engineered and Constructed to produce the finest low pressure sleep surface while providing superior support. Our Copper and Gel infused Memory Foams ease pressure and help to regulate and maintain the perfect sleeping temperature.


All Sanya Sleep Mattresses are made to order. We never have them “Rolled Packed” (compressed, rolled and boxed) and sitting in a warehouse. When you purchase a Sanya Sleep Mattress we make it, Roll Pack it and ship it directly to your door anywhere in the Continental US…..FREE! No minimum order. Unlike Imported Roll Packed mattresses which are compressed for 4-6 months before you receive the product resulting in higher levels of “off gassing” and smell, Sanya Sleep Mattresses are made to order. With Sanya Sleep, you will get a fresher, safer and healthier mattress for you and your family.